Choosing a College That’s a Poor Fit Can Be a Costly Misstep.

You can go through the college process on your own, but choosing a college that turns out to be a poor fit can be a costly misstep if it leads the student to transfer, delay graduation, or drop out of college.

We help you efficiently use the best resources to select the right college.

We help you gain admission to colleges where you are likely to thrive!

Understanding college admissions and your strengths 
The college admissions process is complex, with hidden criteria and unforgiving deadlines. Parents who were educated in another country, who went to college decades ago, or for whom this is their first college-going student may want help staying on top of a challenging process.

We manage the timeline and the deadlines, helping students get their essays and applications done in a timely way.

We objectively look at students from the perspective of the admissions offices, and we guide students to present themselves so their strengths shine through their applications. 

Parents, provide life guidance instead of project management.
Experienced parents who have already sent older children off to college often seek help because they realize that having an expert “manage the project” frees them from some of the more stressful aspects of the college process, giving them time to provide more meaningful parental support to their students as they prepare for the future.

We help families avoid the pain of a strained relationship that sometimes happens when parents and the student aren’t on the same page about the college list and timeline. 

Aren’t the School Counselors Helping with This?
School counselors often handle large numbers of students and have myriad responsibilities. They usually have minimal time to identify and address an individual student’s strengths and needs. It’s unlikely that your school counselor can dedicate the time that we do to understanding you, helping you identify college fit, and ensuring that your college applications and essays are on target.

Financial Aid Guidance from Day 1
High school counselors often sponsor a “FAFSA Night” and maintain a list of private scholarships, but their financial guidance may end there. We consider financial planning for college an integral part of the college process.

We demystify how your family’s financial situation and college selection affect the price you’ll pay for college, and then we suggest ways to gain maximize assistance in scholarships and grants.

Can’t We Just Hire a Tutor?
Tutors, test prep instructors, English teachers, and financial advisors vary dramatically in their ability to help students with the college process. All have other responsibilities and are not dedicated college counselors. Few of them have the time to stay up on the constantly changing world of college admissions. Even fewer visit colleges and with college admissions staff.

We provide first-hand and up-to-date knowledge about all aspects of the college selection and admissions process.

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