College Selection is the Key to Affordability (And Fit).

That’s why we say it in our name. College Select offers personalized navigation through the often intimidating and confusing process of assessing the financial impact of college on a family. From the Focus Meeting on, the financial perspective is integral to our process.

A Frank Conversation Regarding Finances

Families are understandably concerned about the cost of college. The U.S. financial aid formulas that determine types and amount of aid available to a student make the assumption that the family or student bears the primary responsibility of paying for college.

How We Work with Families to Cope with Rising College Costs

  • We identify colleges that are likely to be affordable for your family.
  • We work with you to maximize financial assistance in the form of scholarships and grants.
  • We determine whether filing financial aid forms is necessary or desirable.
  • We partner with experienced professionals who review the financial aid forms for families requiring them.

If you are concerned about college costs – or even if you’ve got the price of college covered but think that some merit money would be nice – then schedule your Focus Meeting today. After the Focus Meeting, financial advising for college is available as a part of the Comprehensive College Package or on an hourly basis.